Model.   Actress.  Woman.

Ania Spiering.


Year 2002. I am the winner of the biggest Beauty Pagent in Far East of Russia. Not only I was chosen by the judges to be the best in all the categories, but also, I got chosen to be all of that by the audience. It was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life. One would never guess how insecure I used to be before that competition took place. I was never considered to be a beauty queen, by all means, but I always carried some other special energy that was making me feel like no other. I could never understand my beauty, message, or purpose in life, and, yet, I knew I was chosen to be a messenger of some sort. After winning this competition, all the lights turned "Green" on my way, including the stamp in my passport with H1B visa on Modeling Contract with famous City Model Agency in San Francisco, that sponsored my work visa as a model. Just like that, in a moment, I became a professional, excepted, recognized, and wanted. "I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life. This is my moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive...."  

Life is all about little and big achievements. We go through different experiences, that we learn from, and, hopefully, grow. It’s incredible to look back at Your life and remember moments that were like no others. Good, bad – irrelevant. No judgments needed, as long as it built one’s character. Many things have happened to me, planned or not. Some of them make me smile. Others make me want to be more alive now. One of these incredible moments that comes to mind is LA Marathon I ran in 2011. My close friend proposed I trained myself to run one, since I always enjoyed running. All I had to do was to decide which one I was excited about and to start getting ready for it. Anywhere in the world. Can You imagine? In 4 months of hard work and training every day, I was one of the 21000 people smiling at the start line. The weather happened to be the worst for the occasion, with 52 degrees in F and the most severe rain that put down quite a few strong trees around the city of Angels as well as left behind more than 5000 people who couldn't finish the race! To be honest, I wanted to give up half way through, thinking that I had accomplished something big by then. The loving support of a few dear friends that came out to hug me along the way kept me going! Also, in the moment of the complete idea of giving up, an angel was sent my way in a body of a group of young kids running by. They were led by their trainer, an older Japanese gentleman. They were doing walk/run series, where they ran for 5 minutes and walked for 3. Looking at them, I got slightly embarrassed: if those kids brtween 8 and 10 years old could finish a whole marathon, so could I. I joined their group and, soon enough, got a second wind. In a few miles, I felt recharged, excited, rested, and ready to become my own champion. The Finish line was crossed by me with 4:59:55 under my belt and it is still something I am very proud of even today. The point of this story: Never give up on Your dreams, no matter how difficult You may feel in a moment!  


This job was a miracle. First of all, I was unavailable for the original 4 days of the tentative shoot, because I was booked at the same time with Universal Studios to play a role in "The Land of the Lost" with Will Ferrell in the Death Valley. Yet, incredible Rebecca Blake, the director for this particular video and tons of other work she did, insisted in using me for the part and the whole production was shifted and moved and cut in days just to have me on set... It was very humbling experience just to go through the process. That was one of the eye opening moments when I was reminded of this simple truth: "what's Yours is Yours and there's nothing You should worry about."

We can't have it all, but when we get what's ours, better be grateful, not greedy.


On June 29th of 2013 my brother Sasha and I were competing in San Jose Open Nation Bodybuilding Competition. I was a bikini and he was a physic category. We did very well and the hard work of a few months taught me a lot about the discipline, nutrition, the importance of mental and emotional support, good form and overall knowledge when one is working with his most important instrument - the body. Sasha inspired me to join his long-lived dream of sculpting himself and getting onto that stage next to some of the most incredible people I've ever met. That day flew by very quickly. We had to go through rough dehydration period 24 hours before the show, exciting spray tan situation that is very tricky, since You can ne ver sit down after it was applied, and the total confusion on the matter of eating the day of... It was hard, but so very good - to share this moment with my brother, the family that came to support us for many-many hours. Plus, it was Sasha's big 30th Birthday! The memory of that moment fills my heart with lots of love and my eyes become to water. So precious!!!


Living in America, one knows what a Big deal The Supper Bowl really is.  This is the big game everybody is waiting for with  huge anticipation. It brings the best athletes, entertainment artists, and commercials to one moment in time. Basically, Super Bowl is a reflection of all American Culture in a current moment. Many submit their talents to shine in a spot light during this big game. I was very lucky to be invited to be a part of a commercial that was entered to participate in the lottery of becoming one of the lucky ones. We came very close. This master piece is a collaboration of  an incredible group led by Mark Rosella. Truly a magical moment I'd love to relive one day...


Dreams come true...

11 years ago I was working in NY as a model and I remember myself making a wish in the middle of The Times Square that one day I would be on one of the billboards advertising something. At that point it didn't matter what it would be... Little I knew that I'd be the face of the most waited for shows in America and in other countries. Season 4 of American Horror Story!!! What a blessing! I am very grateful to Arsonal Advertisement Agency in Culver City for choosing me for the promo material for the show. Thank You, Sam!

And I am forever grateful to FX client. You all treated me with much respect and I had a lot of joy working with all of You!

Thank You for this amazing opportunity.