About Ania

Ania Spiering.

Model.   Actress.  Woman.

Welcome to my page, my book, my life. I was born and raised in the Far East of Russia, Vladivostok city. Ever since I remember myself, I always wanted to spice up my reality with improvising, playing pretend, and feeling free to do whatever I felt like at that very moment. Back then, in the eyes of communistic reality that kind of behavior was frowned upon. I rebelled against the opinion of others and enjoyed being different, unique, and, sometimes, even shocking. My journey started at a bus stop… I helped my friend to rehearse a little sketch she was working on; right there, in a middle of the street. It seemed like a good idea to me at the time. (Back then and even now in Russia, it was not very common to express yourself in any extraordinary way publicly) So, our skit brought quite a few scowls and many disapproving comments, as well as a proposal to come to try out for a commercial bit on a local TV station the very next morning. :) My first commercial led me to another commercial, which led to yet another commercial, and then to a hosting job on the same channel! All happened in a short period of time. Yeah! Many exciting jobs and opportunities later, I found myself in the center of Hollywood!!! That lesson at the bus stop in Russia taught me a lot. Like, it’s ok to express yourself freely, have fun in life, and love the job you do. I also learned that you may be lucky to get your foot into a door, but you have to have a great desire to dedicate your attention on actual work in developing talents You’ve got. I believe every human has a talent and the ability to find the way to succeed. I want to share my all with You. My dreams, my achievements, my story… Thank you for visiting my site. Enjoy.